• RYLAs are designed for young adults with proven leadership ability and a commitment to community service. Whether you are a secondary school student, university student, or young professional, RYLA will help you discover your potential and develop the skills needed to be a leader in your community, career, and everyday life.
  • Date 30th May to 2nd June 2023
  • Venue Sea Horizon Resort

A chance to be part of a worldwide Rylarian Community

  • Develop your leadership skills and character
  • Discover your hidden talents
  • Develop self-confidence and public speaking skills
  • Learn to work effectively in a team
  • Gain exposure to a variety of issues and people
  • Develop a sense of caring and understanding
  • Meet active Community Leaders and Rotarians
  • eet active Community Leaders and Rotarians
  • Learn valuable information and career skills

All the while, you'll also have fun, build friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.