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Rotary Club Of Puteri Lagoon

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No. Ref ID Participate Name Badge Name Rtn Spouse Pro. (Spouse) Spouse Pro. (Guest) Governor's Banquet Golf Payment
1.JMC17-00034LING PING NGPP LING PING 黄宁彬000Online/CC
2.JMC17-00034ANGEL  TANANGEL000Online/CC
3.JMC17-00042Joseph  LeeJoseph Lee000Online/CC
4.JMC17-00046Jiin Chai LeeJiin Chai000Online/CC
5.JMC17-00084Maryann Tee Keh LingMaryann 鄭克玲000Online/CC
6.JMC17-00091Chin Leong Lim林振隆 PP Chin Leong000Online/CC
7.JMC17-00103Jeffrey  LeePP Jeffrey 李建志100Online/CC
8.JMC17-00103Sharon ChanSharon 陈绣华100Online/CC
9.JMC17-00104Ching Haa Dr TeePP Dr Tee 郑清合医生010Online/CC
10.JMC17-00104Jeffrey Dr LauIPP Dr Jeffrey 刘明桀010Online/CC
11.JMC17-00104Siew Ing TaiSiew Ing010Online/CC

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