District Information and Communications (DIC) Network


District Information and Communications (DIC) Network

RIPE Shekhar’s message for D3310 – Club Officer Installation

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

1st July 2021

Club Officers of District 3310 2021-22

Dear Club Officers of District 3310,

I congratulate you on your installation as a club officer for 2021-22.

I hope the upcoming year will be challenging, yet fulfilling. This year, we note all the ways that we Serve to Change Lives. Service is the rent we pay for our time on earth and we will expand Rotary service as we “grow more and do more.” We will grow through “Each One, Bring One.” If every Rotary member could bring just one more person to Rotary, there is no limit to how much we can grow. We will do more by putting a special emphasis on empowering girls, so young women can have improved opportunities worldwide. We will also feature Rotary Days of Service, so that all members share in our good works around the globe and look for new ways to serve beyond their backyards.

In Rotary, we are empowered to confront some of the world’s most critical and widespread humanitarian issues. When we vaccinate an infant against polio, teach a young adult how to read, or bring water to a village by building a well, we are creating a better world for future generations. We serve the global community, and we’re just getting started.

It is honor to work beside you as we guide our fellow Rotarians to another successful year. I am relying on you as we commit ourselves to Serve to Change Lives in 2021-22.

Kindest regards,
Shekhar Mehta
Rotary International President, 2021-22