District Information and Communications (DIC) Network


District Information and Communications (DIC) Network

District Governor Message for July and August 2017

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My fellow Rotarians,

My Rotary journey started even before the 1st July 2017.

It actually started after my return from the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego where RI President Ian Riseley set out his vision and theme for his RotaryYear which is to Make a Difference.

The biggest challenge was to getthe 17 Assistant Governors and District Chairs on board My (MAD) Team and for all Clubs to submit the details of their board of directors to District Directory SecretaryPP Erich Schneider so that we can catch the deadline to have our District Directory printed and distributed at the District Assembly. Thanks to thegood support and cooperation of all My Team we delivered the District Directory on time as promised. PP Erich played a vital role in this exercise and accomplished it with distinction.

The other challenge was the PETS and District Assembly Training Programme which has been crafted and planned by the hardworking District Training Team (DTT) members headed by their Chair PDG DrPhilbert Chin and this programme has to be rolled out for the first time this year during PETS/DISTAS.When that day arrived all the facilitators did a great job. Organising Chair PAG Simon Sim and his hardworking team organized the PETS/DISTAS event so well that we end up with a good surplus. Many thanks to the strong support from our advertisers and Rotarians.

At the time of writing, I have attended 15 Club Installations and visited 13 Clubs in the District with my spouse Naomi in accordance with the DG Club Visit Schedule which was prepared by my very efficient District Secretary General Rotarian CP Lim of Likas Bay. This schedule was sent to all Club Presidents in May for their comments. The final DG visit schedule was finalized in June.

Meanwhile, my Assistant DSG PP Kenneth Tan of Luyang is playing an active role in assisting  thoseClubs which need to update, make changes and gain access to Rotary Central platform. Incidentally this platform has undergone a major revamp so as to provide more efficient service and timely information to all Rotarians.

The District Information and Communication Team (DIC) will launch the DG newsletter soon. We encourage all members to contribute articles and photos of their club projects and activities to the DIC Editor for sharing with other Rotarians in the district.

During my visit to the Clubs my spouse and I were given very warm and hospitable reception. Through such visits I have learned a lot about each club such as their plans for the year in terms of service projects, membership growth and retention, contribution to the Rotary Foundation and their engagement with Interactors and Rotaractors. All issues were welcomed and laid out for discussion and then addressed.  The most satisfying part of all the club visits is that I have the honour of inducting  more than 15 Rotarians the ceremony of which were held at various clubs. I am also pleased that many clubs have pledged to contribute to The Rotary Foundation.

The warm reception and enthusiasm of the AGs, Presidents and members I received have given me an indication that they are going to make a difference in their respective Clubs and this augurs well for the future of our District.

My fellow Rotarians working together whether in your club or the district will make a difference to our clubs, members and our communities we serve above self.

Yours in Rotary

District Governor Datuk Lee Chuen Wan.