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It's easy to see why the colonialist ruler Raja Brooke chose this spot for his capital. Hugging the curves of the languid Sungai Sarawak, Kuching was an ideal trading post between other Asian sea ports and Borneo's interior. It's still a gateway to both jungle and sea, and Kuching’s proximity to national parks makes it the ideal base for day trips to wild coastal and rainforest destinations.

Sarawak's sophisticated capital also merges cultures, crafts and cuisines, and the city's energetic collage of bustling streets and narrow alleys lined with carpenter shops, cafes and bars is best explored on foot. Attractions include time-capsule museums, Chinese temples decorated with dragons, a weekend market, heritage shophouses, and a riverfront esplanade that's perfect for a warm-evening stroll and a delicious meal. For history buffs, galleries, museums and walking tours present the story of the Brooke family, White Rajas of Sarawak from 1841 to 1946.

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