Welcome Message From The DGE

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

I look forward to welcoming you to DISTAS 2018.

The DISTAS 2018 Organising Committee is working hard on a programme that will give all participants a useful and meaningful learning experience. All Rotarians and incoming Rotary Club office bearers will benefit from the presentations and discussions over the weekend.    And of course, we will all enjoy the great fellowship that makes Rotary so special.

DISTAS 2018 will feature the following:

  1. A new experience awaits all Rotarians in a brand-new venue, The Hotel Holiday Villa in Johor Bahru. It is next to KSL where many previous DISTAS were held. This is a new hotel and the rooms and facilities are in excellent condition. 
  2. We will feature talks by very successful people in our communities. The speakers will share with us their experiences with Rotary and how Rotary has benefited them and their communities. They will also explore with us what more Rotary can do to improve lives in the various communities.
  3. Experienced staffers from Rotary International will show us how we can make better use of Rotary resources available through the Rotary website.
  4. There will be sessions to provide useful and specific information and tools for incoming Rotary Club office bearers to help them perform their leadership roles in the coming Rotary year.

A DISTAS is not complete or successful without good fellowship. Rotary fellowship is, and will always be an important and integral part of the programme. To that end, the Fellowship Planning Committee has promised us activities that all Rotarians and spouses will enjoy!

For this DISTAS, I wish specially to encourage more spouses to attend. The Organising Committee has decided to reduce substantially the registration fee for spouses compared to the fees charged in previous years.    There will be many opportunities for spouses to interact with Rotarians and with each other, with recreation, shopping and other activities being organised specially for them. I urge all Rotarians, especially the Presidents-Elect, to come to this DISTAS weekend with your spouses. The participation of many spouses will surely make DISTAS 2018 more memorable for all of us.

Please register early to enjoy an early bird discount!

I am counting on you, my fellow Rotarians and your spouses, to have a successful and enjoyable DISTAS 2018!
I wish you all a successful Rotary year ahead and I hope to see you at DISTAS 2018!

Henry Tan, DGE