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Rotary Club Of Kuching Jaya

No. Ref ID Participate Name Badge Name Conference (Rotarian) Conference (Spouse / Guest) Golf Fellowship
(Reciprocal Club with Kelab Golf Sarawak (KGS))
Golf Fellowship
(Non Reciprocal Club with Kelab Golf Sarawak)
Welcome Dinner (WD) Voucher Governor's Banquet (GB) Voucher WD Voucher (Children 12 years & below) GB Voucher (Children 12 years & below) Payment
1.24DC-00059Ann PanaiAnniPay
2.24DC-00059Patrick PanaiPatrickiPay
3.24DC-00112Joseph TingJosephiPay
4.24DC-00112Esther BelawingEstheriPay
5.24DC-00112Fred BlackFrediPay
6.24DC-00112Harold TeoHaroldiPay
7.24DC-00112Kasue SakaiSakai SaniPay
8.24DC-00112Rasinah ChaiRasinahiPay
9.24DC-00321Valentine Henry Colin BelawingValentineiPay
10.24DC-00321Julian  ChuoJulianiPay
11.24DC-00321Felicia SiawFeliciaiPay

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