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Rotary Club Of Kuching Central

No. Ref ID Participate Name Badge Name Conference (Rotarian) Conference (Spouse / Guest) Golf Fellowship
(Reciprocal Club with Kelab Golf Sarawak (KGS))
Golf Fellowship
(Non Reciprocal Club with Kelab Golf Sarawak)
Welcome Dinner (WD) Voucher Governor's Banquet (GB) Voucher WD Voucher (Children 12 years & below) GB Voucher (Children 12 years & below) Payment
1.24DC-00003Yaw Hua  NgYaw HuaiPay
2.24DC-00047Frankie OngPP Frankie OngiPay
3.24DC-00050Clarence YongClarenceIpay-Manual
4.24DC-00051Sylvester Tshu Kwong FongPP SylvesterIpay-Manual
5.24DC-00051Ping KhoPP Kho PingIpay-Manual
6.24DC-00051Ko Jee ChaiPP Ko JeeIpay-Manual
7.24DC-00052Kelvin LiewKelvinIpay-Manual
8.24DC-00053Heng Kui WongLouis WongiPay
9.24DC-00055Richard WongRichardIpay-Manual
10.24DC-00067Patrick LukIPP PatrickIpay-Manual
11.24DC-00067Dr. Samuel KiyuiPP Dr SamIpay-Manual
12.24DC-00067Cho Phong SimPP SimIpay-Manual
13.24DC-00067Kiam Ngee JongRtn Jong Kiam NgeeIpay-Manual
14.24DC-00069Tai Hui AwTH AwiPay
15.24DC-00073Thomas Sing Hieng NGUPP Thomas NguiPay
16.24DC-00077Alan PohRtn AlanIpay-Manual
17.24DC-00077Frankie YangPP Frankie YangIpay-Manual
18.24DC-00077DG Andre SuhartoDG AndreIpay-Manual
19.24DC-00077Pres Louis YongPres LouisIpay-Manual
20.24DC-00088Major Francis  NgFrancis Ng (Major)iPay
21.24DC-00091Benjamin Jui Hung LoBenjamin Lo J HiPay
22.24DC-00094Leslie PhuanPP LeslieIpay-Manual
23.24DC-00104Kun Seng ChaiChai Kun SengiPay
24.24DC-00105Johnnie ChuaJohnnie ChuaiPay
25.24DC-00121Kho Ching WongPP K C WongiPay
26.24DC-00157Lee Ching ChiengPP Abel ChiengiPay
27.24DC-00174Guan Teck EePP Ee Guan TeckIpay-Manual
28.24DC-00174Andrew ChongAndrewIpay-Manual
29.24DC-00175Dr Willie LauPP Dr. WillieIpay-Manual
30.24DC-00175Bobby ChaiPP BobbyIpay-Manual
31.24DC-00175Dr Leonard NgPP Dr. LeonardIpay-Manual
32.24DC-00175Dato Richard CurtisDato RichardIpay-Manual
33.24DC-00253Cheng Yi Wong Cheng YiIpay-Manual
34.24DC-00276Philip Au YongPhilipCash/Cheque

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